Welcome to our homestead!

Photo of the blogger sitting outside  wearing a sun hat and glasses

When we started our homestead, we knew we wanted to build something efficient. We wanted to go beyond learning how to grow our own food or make our own products. We wanted to learn how to homestead through techniques that save us time, save us money, and take up as little space as possible.

We didn’t come from a family of farmers or a world of self-sufficiency. But we knew that’s what we wanted. Call it what you want – urban homesteading, gardening, maybe a little crazy – either way, we’re here to figure it all out and realize our dream.

So come with us as we build our homestead. We’ll show you what works and what doesn’t, give you how-to’s on what we already know, and document our journey to learn what we don’t. We’ll teach you how to save time, save money, and save space as an urban homesteader.

Come learn with us, and find out how to make your own place to grow.

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