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Hi, I’m Casie, owner, blogger, and head yellow thumb at The Military Homestead.

For years I tried to be an expert. I researched and faked my way through all of my military spouse duties and pretended I knew exactly how to do everything. I was a pro. It wasn’t until I became a mom that I realized I had NO idea how to do anything.

I burn myself with my glue gun more often than not, and my sewing skills aren’t all that professional. The survival rate in my garden is pretty low. Sometimes I even yell at my kids. *insert horrified gasp here*

I used to be so hard on myself for being mediocre. For not having it all together. For looking at Pinterest with envy instead of inspiration. #notblessed

It took a while, but I slowly learned what self-love is really all about. And now I’m here to remind you that living your life one okay day at a time is perfectly acceptable. That embracing your mediocrity is what makes you amazing.


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