Life As a Nomadic Homesteader

Hi! I’m Casie.

I’m an ordinary mom with an not-so-ordinary vision: to become a homesteader.

Problem is, I’ve never done anything like this before!

Not to mention I’m a military spouse, and homesteading and the military life don’t always see eye to eye.

But, I’m going with it anyway. Why? Because I believe living your best life starts now, not later.

Just because I don’t own a plot of land and have to move every couple of years doesn’t mean I can’t find ways to maintain at least some level of self-sufficiency.

So, I started The Military Homestead.

I originally started TMH as a blog – a simple space for me to share my adventures and experiences as a newbie homesteader stuck in a not-very-homestead environment. But it’s quickly grown to more than that.

TMH is a community of people struggling to light the torch these days. Dreamers who want to start their own gardens, but have no idea how. Readers and viewers who’ve always wanted to learn how to knit or preserve or work with tools, but can’t find the nerve to start something new.

At TMH, it’s my goal to show you that being new at things – and totally sucking at it – is completely okay. In fact, it’s normal! In a world of filters and #blessed photo ops, we often forget that we’re all just regular people with the same fears, the same hesitations, and the same failures.

So, if you want to feel more at home, then this is the place for you. Through my attempts at learning homesteading skills and my life as a milspouse, I’ll show you how being normal is part of the game of life.

I want to inspire you to pick up those hobbies you’ve always wanted to try, and completely fail at it. Then go back and try it again.

Because at The Military Homestead, we believe in the power of possibilities.

I usually publish on my blog a few times a month, along with plenty of videos. If you don’t want to miss out on my new stuff, sign up to receive free updates and our monthly newsletter – you’ll even get free recipes as a thank you!