Wildlife Conservation: Sam Soholt and the Stamp It Forward Project

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In 2017, while living in an outfitted Bluebird bus, Sam Soholt began selling some t-shirts. His company, Public Land Tees, sells apparel, decals, and other accessories to raise funds for land and wildlife conservation. Sam donates $5 of every item sold to Backcountry Hunters and Anglers – an organization dedicated to preserving our nation’s wildlife and public lands.

Photo Credit: Nick Brunner

You see, Sam’s an avid outdoorsman. And he loves this land we all call home.

The wild forests and swift, raging rivers. The serenity of a cool sky against towering mountains capped in white crystal. The peaceful chaos of birds screaming as they migrate to their nesting grounds. The shrill call of an elk bugling wildly for a mate. It’ll render you speechless. And we are so lucky to have all of that beauty right here in the United States.

Like most sportsmen, Sam knows that if he wants to keep his way of life, he has to help protect it – not just for himself, but for future men and women who also want to enjoy the outdoors.

And protecting our precious public lands means donating more money.

So on an average day in early October, Sam Soholt walked into the post office. Five post offices, actually.

He walked into five post offices and spent $2,500 on 100 duck stamps.

What is a duck stamp?

Each year, waterfowl hunters are required to purchase special federal stamps before their hunt. These stamps – commonly known as duck stamps – are the only U.S. conservation stamp in existence. An incredible 98% of each stamp purchase is directly used in protecting the homes of birds and other wildlife.

Duck stamps also give you free entry to any national wildlife refuge. And the coolest part? Anyone can buy them! You don’t have to be a hunter. Bird enthusiasts, photographers, stamp collectors, and even the average hiker all buy duck stamps to help conservation efforts.

The U.S. Post Office, sporting good stores around the country, and your local national wildlife refuge all sell the Federal Duck Stamp. You can even buy them online and they’ll send your stamp in the mail! Check out the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service for more information.

Stamp It Forward

When Sam bought his 100 stamps, he knew his money would immediately help protect our fragile wildlife system. But he wanted it to go even further.

So, Sam started the Stamp It Forward Project.

With every purchase on his website, Sam sent a free duck stamp. He also challenged his fans with direct donations – every $25 donation received a free duck stamp.

Sam was onto something, and the sportsmen community knew it. Donations poured in. Soon, major companies like Vortex Optics and Boss Shotshells were matching his initial contribution. Sam quickly bought more stamps and raised more funds.

The Stamp It Forward Project began on October 8. By October 23, Sam Soholt raised an impressive $18,500 for wildlife conservation.

Sam weighs every decision he makes with conservation in mind. But it’s not just his job to protect our public lands – it’s the responsibility of every American. As homesteaders, we are also environmentalists and advocates for the natural bounty of our world.

It’s time we do our part in the conservation movement.

Interested in learning more about Sam and his initiative? Check out his Instagram and YouTube channels here.

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