Cabin Fever

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My goodness, it’s been a while since I’ve posted here – a few months, in fact.

To be honest, it’s tough finding inspiration to focus on the Homestead when we’re in such upheaval. With a new baby on the way, we’re in crunch time trying to find a new place to live. While our current rental is doable with a little creativity, we know we can find a far better setup to grow our family.

Eventually, we’ll find our new home, but until we do, we’ll have to treat our cabin fever in other ways.

Each winter I reluctantly leave the garden and head indoors, focusing on crochet projects, canning, and other creations. A few years ago I acquired a collapsible proofing box for my breads, and it also doubles as a yogurt maker! I’ve never been one to eat yogurt on a regular basis until I started making it – now I cook up a gallon a month, and between me and my daughter we regularly go through a quart a week.

I’m honesty surprised with how delicious – and easy – it is! I always make it plain and simply mix in my flavors or fruits depending on my mood. Lately, it’s been a bit of local honey and some blueberries.

But making yogurt can only cure the cabin fever for so long, and this year it’s been pretty difficult to fight back.

So, I also began a small indoor garden! It isn’t much since our space is limited, but it helps. If anything, seeing a bit of fresh green popping out of a tray of soil each day certainly keeps away the winter blues.

And now, we’re finally starting our seeds for the spring garden. This year I wanted to try a plastic-free seed start, so I collected leftover toilet paper rolls and lined an old baking tray with newspaper. The TP rolls sit on top of the newspaper and, filled with last year’s reclaimed soil, our seeds are taking root.

This year’s lineup includes:

Broccoli rabe

Black Krim tomatoes

Brandywine Pink tomatoes

Pineapple tomatillos

I can’t wait for everything to finally sprout! I’m hopeful for a successful gardening year, even with our life changes. Luckily everything will generally stay on autopilot now that I have a better system in place.

So, stick around! We’ll have so much happening this year, and I’m so excited to show you.

Happy Homesteading!

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  1. Love the idea of toilet rolls to sprout. Send yogurt recipe please.

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