DIY Tomato Cage Christmas Tree

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I recently came across the tomato cage Christmas tree idea while rummaging through some old Pinterest boards of mine. Apparently, I saved this idea a few years ago and never got around to trying it.

Story of my life.

Anyway, this year I decided to try it out. I figured it wouldn’t cost me a lot – I have most of the supplies already since I garden and I always have a ton of extra Christmas decorations hanging around.

tomato cage christmas tree DIY christmas decorations

The styles behind making a tomato cage Christmas tree are pretty varied. You can make them with green burlap or mesh fabric, garland, or go for a more modern look with just a string of lights. I mean, you can even make it a tropical Christmas and create a tomato cage Christmas tree out of hibiscus flowers.

You know, if that’s your thing.

Personally, I wanted something sort of whimsical and fun, but wouldn’t cost a ton. I planned on putting my tomato cage tree on the front porch next, and since our outdoor decorations are lighthearted and fun, I wanted something that would fit the theme.

After collecting what I could around the house, my daughter and I did a little shopping to see what else we could find.

In the end, I found some cheap branch garland, a Santa hat, and sparkly blue garland for my daughter to play with.

So sparkly…

These, combined with everything I had back home, would do nicely.

Tomato cage Christmas tree setup

The first thing I did was fit my tomato cage upside down over the pot I dug up from my gardening supplies. I figured the rust color pot would work well – almost like the “stump” of the Christmas tree.

After I nestled the cage over the edge of the pot, I taped it together so it would sit more securely. Even though the tree would be under our porch awning, I still wanted to secure it from wind and the 300 toddlers that live in our area.

tomato cage christmas tree decoration decor christmas decor

After attaching the tomato cage, things got easier. At first, I thought it would be as easy as simply wrapping the garland around the cage. And for the most part it is, but the bottom wouldn’t hold.

So for the first pass around the cage, I hooked the end of the garland onto one of the vertical wires, and wrapped the garland around the large hoop on the tomato cage. This helped to keep the garland from slipping and created the base for our tomato cage Christmas tree.

tomato cage Christmas tree decor decoration Christmas decor DIY

Then, the rest of the set up was incredibly easy. I simply wrapped the garland nice and tight around the cage, making sure to cover the metal hoops.

For our tomato cage tree, I decided to use branch garland so I could have the ability of extra coverage. I wanted to minimize seeing the tomato cage as much as possible, and having branch garland allowed me to “fluff” the branches out. The branches also gave a better Christmas tree look to it. I also knew I wanted to cover it with lights and ornaments, and having branches would make it much easier to decorate.

Topping the tomato cage tree

In total, I used 36 feet of branch garland to create our tomato cage tree. And after running out of garland (and refusing to buy more), I opted to fold the stakes on the tomato cage inward and create a stubbed “top” of the tree.

I then covered this with the Santa hat we purchased, and adjusted the garland to meet the bottom of the hat. I also made sure to tape the hat to the tomato cage itself to help keep it from falling off.

If you’re cooler than me and actually bought enough garland, you can top it with whatever you’d like. Ideally, you’ll have a pointed tree top.

If that were the case, I would tape or wire the three tomato cage spikes together before wrapping it with garland. You could also use zip ties if you’re super lazy like me. Then, I’d simply attach a small topper – bells, angels, or stars would all work well – and voila! You have a pointy tree.

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Tomato cage tree decorations

For the decorations, I found an old battery-powered string of lights I had lying around. Originally, I was going to use these lights on my patio umbrella to light up our summer evenings. But, the lights never reached around the umbrella so I threw them in a closet where they sat…until now!

And since everything happens for a reason, I realized they were the perfect length for our tomato cage tree! Bonus that it’s a battery pack and I don’t have to run any extension cords.

Which also means I don’t have to trip on any extension cords.

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For the ornaments, I just rummaged through storage boxes and found some plastic balls. I originally wanted to do a green and red theme to match our candy cane decorations, but I didn’t have enough. So, blue and silver will have to do.

tomato cage christmas tree DIY Christmas decorations

Maybe I’ll grab some red and green ones during the clearance sales for next year’s tomato cage tree. Maybe not.

There are a ton of options for decorating your tomato cage tree. Make it a Grinch theme if you’re not a fan of the holidays, or make it Disney theme with these awesome ornaments. Or, just let the kids choose the decorations and have fun! You can decorate using rustic style ornaments or hunting-themed decorations, such as deer antlers and used shotgun shells.

Whatever you choose, creating your own tomato cage Christmas tree is totally worth it. All in all, this project took me about an hour or so to put together, and that included having to run back to the store to get some extra garland.


Did you test out our tomato cage Christmas tree DITry for yourself? Show us what you made! Send us a photo of your creation, or drop it in the comments!

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